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How do I find groups to join on WhatsApp?

There are multiple groups available on the internet for which you can join just by clicking on the link. Few groups required admin permissions. The question here is how do you find the groups? We have Multiple groups available on our website you can by CLICKING HERE

How can I join a girl in WhatsApp group?

You can join Grils groups by Participants sharing the link to you or you searching for the link on the internet.

1. Click on the whatsapp group link
2. You will be directed to the whatsapp official page
3. You will find the group name and group icon
4. You will find the “Join” option
5. Click on Join
6. You are part of the group now

How can I join an unknown group on WhatsApp?

You can join an unknown whatsapp group link with us. You need to know which category or niche WhatsApp group link you are looking to join.

Funny whatsapp Group Link
Entertainment WhatsApp group Link
Gaming whatsapp group links
18+ whatsapp group links
Tech WhatsApp group links
news whatsapp group links

There are much more category lists I have just updated a few of whatsapp group links here. You can select WhatsApp group of your choice and join the group if you are unable to find the groups CLICK HERE

How do I send someone a group chat on WhatsApp?

Before you send a group chat hope you are part of a particular group. If you are not part of the group you can create a group and share it with your friends or family members. You can directly add the participants from your contact list if you dont have the contact details you can share the whatsapp group link with the participant whom you want them to join.

How to create a WhatsApp group?

1. Click on Menu on your chat list or Click on 3 dots
2. You will get a list of drop Down
3. Click on New group
4. Add the participant whom you want to be part of the group
5. Enter the group Subject ( Group Name)
6. Group Name you enter will be visible for the participant who joins the group
7. The limit for adding subject character is 25
8. If you want to add emoji to your subject. It limits to 25 character includes of name and emoji
9. Add an icon to your new group
10. Click on the checkmark
11. You have successfully created a group.

How do I send a WhatsApp invite?

If you are a group admin you can directly add the participants directly in the groups. If you dont have the participants contact details. Add your friend as admin, If you dont want him to be admin inform your friend to share the WhatsApp group link.

1. Click on the group subject
2. Add Participants (Directly)
3. Click on Invite Via Link
4. You will find multiple options
1. Send Link Via WhatsApp
2. Copy Link
3. Share Link
4. QR code

These are the above list of options where you can share the details to the participant.

Can I send a WhatsApp message to someone who doesn’t have WhatsApp?

NO. You will not be able to send any messages to the participates who have not registered on whatsapp.

How do I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp?

There is no option available with WhatsApp to check Who has viewed your profile. There are multiple third-party applications that have the option to check who has visited your whatsapp profile. I have never tried any of the applications. We strictly dont recommend you to use any of the 3rd party applications. If you use any 3rd party applications we will not be responsible for it. We are not recommending any of the applications as well.

WhatsApp messages are similar to regular texting?

WhatsApp messages are similar to regular texting. In regular texting, you use a Phone network, and whatsapp messages are sent through the internet.

Regular Texting: Regular texting has a limit over sending messages, you can’t send messages once you have exhausted the messaging limit. You can’t send photos, Video, or make any video calling. You are been charged for these services.

WhatsApp Messages: WhatsApp messages don’t have any kind of limitations over sending messages.

1. You can share Images as much as you want on WhatsApp
2. Video Calling is allowed
3. Video calling adding multiple participants allowed up to 8
4. Share video files
5. Share PDF files
6. Share contact number with Name

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